Build a PGJTT server — the long version

This version of the instructions is intended for people who doing this for the first few times or would like to refresh their memory with screenshots.  There is a short step by step version that is intended for those who are familiar with the process and would like a short reminder of what to do.

The 9-minute Video



Step1: Provision a Linode server

Log into Linode.  Click this link to launch the “Legacy” version StackScript or this link to launch the “Current” version (recommended)

Select a region that is the best geographic compromise between participants.  Select a server based on use — the lowest level Shared-CPU server (a “Nanode”) works fine for experimentation and setup.  It’s easy to resize the Linode to higher levels later if needed.

Provide a password for the Root account and click Create Linode.

Step2: SSH into the Linode

The connection-challenge is normal when logging in for the first time, answer “yes.”

Step3: Answer “Ok” and “yes” to the prompts in the script

Use the left-arrow key to select “yes” and hit Return/Enter to resume/finish the script.

Step4: Wait for the script to finish and log out to finish the setup

A message like this will display .  Logging out is like having to restart a computer after installing new software.

Congratulations!  The PGJTT server is complete.   There are two versions (long and short) of instructions about how to log into the server.