Overview of the server

This project resulted from my exploration of Michael Dessen and Bonnie Kwong ‘s JackTrip remote server notes (on Debian via Linode) written in November, 2020.  My pal Ralph Jenson was my spirit guide and Sensei as I finally bit the bullet and started working in Linux after all these years of avoiding it.  Thanks to all.

This latest version has lots of new stuff, but it started as a project to make installation simpler.  The goal was “1-click install.”  I really tidied things up and almost made it.  It’s a “one click, one arrow-key and one enter-key” install now.

Here’s a very quick tour of the place — this is a picture of all the things running at once.  Clicking on it will take you to the enormous original.  Note that at no time did I type a terminal-command to fire off anything on this page.  [update: later versions don’t include Jamulus — but it’s easy to add]

Here are some screen grabs from that session, showing more detail about the things:

Various versions of Jacktrip versions (1.3.0, 1.5.3, 1.7.1, etc.) – with desktop launchers, and the ability to create your own with customized command strings for your sessions

Qjackctl — essential for managing complex Jack audio routing

Debian 11  — which has great built-in file-manager, task-manager and text-editor utilities

Web server — which allows drag and drop sharing of files with the outside world (like recordings that you want to download to your local machine

Scripts — which can be downloaded and modified to build servers of your own

Preloaded task-launchers — the goal is to get rid of terminal commands for all but the most exotic tasks.  These are editable, or you can use them as templates to create your own.

Preloaded “connect-players” scripts — to bring folks into the mixer.

The ability to cut and paste between the server and your local machine — this is a terrific help when doing development/test kinda stuff.  A crucial part of the Toolkit!  Here’s a copy/paste from the PGJTT server to a local text editor.  But it’s also great for copy/pasting from a local script into the server to test commands.

Ardour6 DAW with preloaded templates for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25-player Jacktrip sessions.  The goodies include: custom monitor-mixing (aka cue-mixing) for all players, the ability to import and add VST plugins, bi-directional multichannel audio, and server-based recording (multichannel of each player or a 2-channel mix).