Log in to a PGJTT server – the long version

This version is for those who are logging in for the first few times, or prefer screenshots as reminders.  There is a short version for people who just need a short reminder of what to do

Here’s the 2-minute video

FIRST:  Log into the server from a Terminal session. 

The server will provide log-in tips.

Here’s what a first-time startup looks like — VNC is prompting to set a password.


THEN: Log in with a VNC client app. 

Here’s an example using the viewer from RealVNC.  Note that the port ( “:5901” ) must be included in the address.


VNC Viewer will warn of non-encrypted connection…

and ask for credentials.

The server desktop will open.


Log out of the VNC session

Use the drop-down menu at the top-center of the VNC window to disconnect from the session at the end.

And Power Off the Linode.