Install IPERF

This is a quick way to load and run IPERF on a Mac.  It’s very unsafe.  Don’t do this if you don’t know me (Mike O’Connor), or this site.

Download the MacOS version of IPERF by clicking here and saving it in a place that you can find it (Downloads folder is fine, anyplace else is too).

Drag that newly-saved file into a window, but don’t hit ‘enter’ or ‘return …

Left-arrow to the left and type this short string just in front of ‘iperf’ …

chmod +x

… THEN hit ‘return’

Double-click the program icon and authorize.  Clear off the extra Terminal window.

Drag it in again and then add this string after iperf

 -u -c -l512 -b20M

then hit ‘return’